December 27th, 2022 – CARSURIN accomplished a significant mileage: signing an agreement with Green Gold Label (GGL) Foundation. GGL is the international certification programme for sustainable biomass. In the global energy and biobased industries, GGL uses its distinct track record, experience, and reputation to be the most useful and reliable certification program for sustainable biomass. Amidst CARSURIN’s strong positioning throughout Indonesia’s market, CARSURIN firmly anticipates in enhancing its capital and technological capabilities to mitigating risk in biomass sectors.

The program’s objectives are to encourage the use of sustainable biomass as a renewable energy source and lessen the negative environmental effects of biomass production. The Green Gold Label certification is a crucial instrument for promoting responsible and sustainable biomass production and usage, and it helps to guarantee that biomass products are made in such a way.

Mr. Benriwan Simbolon as the Head of Business Development for PT Carsurin stated:

“We are committed to the GGL Standard because for us, the forestry and agricultural supply chains should prioritize sustainability, quality, and safety above all else, and that’s what we’ve been dedicating to. Through our partnership with the GGL Foundation, we are able to promote sustainable biomass programs across Indonesia and give producers and dealers with additional breadth and depth to lower risk in an ethical, transparent, and professional manner.”

In response, the Chairman of GGL Foundation, Mr. Kees Boon commented: “We are proud of this accomplishment. With the addition of Carsurin to our program as a reputable and expert Certification Body, we now give our clients the to choose the auditor that best suits their requirements. This is a significant turning point in GGL’s efforts to expand access to reliable, expert biomass certification on a global scale.”

Through this agreement signing, we prove that CARSURIN actively participates in the markets that are important to our clients and has worked well on market potential and demand, as well as put a heavy concern on renewable energy and biomass.