CARSURIN is a market leader in Indonesia for services offered for bulk commodities of the petroleum industry. Decades of field operations in this industry have enabled us to build a trusted reputation with national oil company Pertamina, major multinational players and local oil companies.

From asphalt to biodiesel to vacuum residue, we carry out our petrochemical services across a wide range of nearly 50 types of products in an effort to help protect the interests of our clients during cargo storage, transport and custody transfer.

Our experienced professionals carry out a wide array of quantity and quality activities on bulk commodity cargoes from sampling and supervision at loading or discharge to OBQ/ROB and stock opname. We can also assist with the investigation of oil & cargo losses.

We provide a full range of laboratory testing services to international, Indonesian national, and trade or company-specific standards. Our highly trained analysts work to the highest laboratory standards.

Our clients trust that we will carry out our interventions with professionalism and technical expertise, under the strictest levels of integrity. We have been appointed by the Government of Indonesia as a trusted surveyor since the inception of petroleum imports and exports as a regulated activity.

Whatever your role in the downstream petroleum supply chain, our more than 50 years of experience can help you improve productivity, assess quality and most importantly, reduce risk.




• Additive Oil
• Asphalt
• Automotive Diesel Fuel (ADF)
• Automotive Diesel Oil/HSD
• Aviation Gasoline (Avgas)
• Aviation Turbine (Avtur/Jet A1)
• Base Oil
• Benzene
• Branch Alkyl Benzene
• C9 Aromatic Hydrocarbon
• Carbon Black Feedstock
• Condensate
• Crude Oil
• Decant Oil
• Ethanol
• Fame (Biodiesel)
• Gas Oil / MGO
• Gasoline (Mogas), HOMC RON 97
• Gasoline RON 88 unleaded
• Gasoline RON 90 unleaded
• Gasoline RON 92 unleaded
• Gasoline RON 95 unleaded
• Gasoline RON 98 unleaded (Pertamax Turbo)
• Green Coke
• High Sulphur Fuel Oil (HSFO)
• Industrial Diesel Oil (IDO)
• Gear Oil
• Kerosene
• Kocosol
• Low Sulfur Waxy Residues (LSWR)
• Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (LSFO)
• Lube Oil
• Marine Fuel Oil (MFO)
• Minyak Bakar Cepu (MBC)
• Minyak Solar 51
• Naphtha
• Neutral Oil
• Normal Paraffin
• Paraffinic Oil
• Petrochemical Thermal Cracker Feed (PTCF)
• Recovered Oil
• Rubber Processing Oil
• Slop Oil
• Slurry Fuel Oil
• Special Boiling Point-X (SPBX)
• Special Diesel Fuel (SDF)
• Toluene
• Transformer Oil
• Vacuum Residue




• Container Stuffing Survey
• Investigation & Inspection Survey for Oil & Cargo Losses
• Regulatory Laporan Surveyor, LS (Laporan Surveyor)
• Sampling at Loading & Discharge
• Supervision at Loading & Discharge
• Transferring Survey at Loading & Discharge
• Witnessing Survey at Loading & Discharge


• Expediting
• On Board Quantity (OBQ)
• Pipeline Cleanliness Inspection
• Pre-shipment Inspection
• Remaining On Board (ROB)
• Stock Opname
• Tank Cleanliness Inspection
• Wall Wash Test


• Cetane Index
• Density
• Viscosity Kinematic
• Sulphur Content
• Distillation Characteristic
• Flash Point (PMCC)
• Pour Point
• Conradson Carbon Residue (CCR)
• Water Content
• FAME Content
• Copper Strip Corrosion
• Ash Content
• Sediment Content
• Strong Acid Number
• Total Acid Number
• Appearance
• Colour
• Lubrisitas (Lubricity) by HFRR
• Oxidation Stability
• Sulfate Ash
• Phosphor Content
• Free-Glycerin
• Total-Glycerin
• Ester-Alkyl Content
• Iodium Number
• Mono-Glycerin
• Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP)
• Vanadium Content
• Aluminium & Silicon Content