Marine Offshore

CARSURIN is working closely with energy companies, underwriters, leading offshore, drilling & dredging contractors, seismic survey companies, construction yards and other companies engaged in the marine and offshore industries.

Our service offering includes but is not limited to:
- Supervision & conducting rig moves of jack- up & semi-submersible units
- Towing master services
- Marine warranty surveys
- Risk assessment surveys of marine
- New building supervision
- Sea trials and commissioning
- Dry-Docking & Repairs Supervision
- Cabotage Supervision: Re-flagging of marine vessel
- Cabotage Supervision: Re-classification of marine vessel
- Inspections/assessments based on IMCA standards audits based on CMID
- General marine consultancy related to the offshore and shipping industries

Risk Assessment
- Offshore operations, organization structure, capability of organization
- Oil terminal operations

Expert Witness
- Expert witness for legal cases and arbitration
- Review and technically advise for legal cases and arbitration
- Technical negotiation for arbitration or legal cases

Marine Warranty Surveys
On behalf of international under-writers, as marine warranty surveyors, we provide independent reviews and approvals of procedures and analysis for offshore projects

Technical Studies
- Towage & voyage studies
- Feasibility studies - yards and vessel selection and approval for offshore projects
- Proposal evaluation
- Onsite expertise

Naval Architecture
- Vessel stability calculations
- Required bollard pull estimate for towing tugs
- Offshore operations such as load out analysis, transportation & installation jobs

Structural Engineering
- Analysis of structure of platforms and vessels
- Pile driving analysis
- Shallow water foundation analysis
- Jack-up rig site studies including leg strength, leg penetration and punch through
Offshore structures condition and fatigue analysis