Investigation / Damage Surveys
- P& I matters
- Hull & Machinery matters
- Cargo Insurance
- Casualties

Consultant & Underwater Inspection
- Underwater inspections
- Hydrographic and Bathymetric surveys
- Owners Representation during Docking and New Building

Nautical Inspection on behalf
- Panama Bureau of Shipping
- Bahamas Maritime Authority

Condition Surveys
- Pre-entry & follow up
- Hull & Machinery
- On/Off Hire
- Pre-hire
- Pre-purchase
- Project Cargo Management
- Loading / discharging supervision
- Cargo Hold Cleanliness
- Lashing / towing, etc

Quantity & Quality
- Stuffing & un-stuffing
- Tally condition survey
- Weighing
- Draught Survey
- On/Off Hire Bunker Survey

Port Services
- ISPS (International Ship & Port Facility Security)
   - Assessments & Compliance of Ports, Jetties and Ships (SoC)
   - Maintenance of Statement of Compliances (SoC)
       o Training, drills and exercise
       o Internal audit
       o Intermediate and renewal verifications
       o Other requirements according ISPS Code and DGST Decree
       o ISPS Code consultancy ISPS Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO) training
- Port master planning
- Port management & operations
- Port design sStudies

Marine Consultancy
- Risk assessments
- Project management consultancy
- Claim handling consultancy
- Supervision of vessel construction
- Feasibility studies
- Technical inspection

Lloyds Agency
As the exclusive Indonesia's Lloyd's agent and claim setting agent, CARSURIN serves insured parties with the following services :
- Marine, vessel and cargo surveys
- Claims investigation and settlement
- Vessel movements and causalities reporting
- Property risk assessments survey
- Pre-shipment inspection

General Cargo Surveys
Agricultural products, machinery (heavy lift cargo & non heavy lift cargo), break-bulk cargo (fertilizer, cement, coal, wheat, etc.) and containerized cargo (dry container, freezer, ISO tank container), etc.

- Tally and condition survey
- Container inspection
- Inspection for cargo quantity and condition during stuffing and un-stuffing
- Pre-shipment and preloading condition
- Weighing and measuring
- Pre break-bulk, opening seals/unsealing
- Cargo damage survey
- Cargo sampling
- Loading & discharging supervision
- Port captaincy