A geological survey represents the starting point in determining the feasibility of any potential coal or mineral mine site. Geological survey that are based on sound and established survey standards and practices ensure that our client receive realistic and factual information that will provide them with the right information that ultimately will assist them in their investment decisions.

The trading of commodities on an international basis represents an important facet of today’s globalised company. Inspection and superintending services play a key role in ensuring that the financial and legal interests of both the buyer and seller to any commodity transaction are preserved.

1. A. Geological Survey for COAL
Stage 1 - General Survey Stage
- Title search if required
- Reconnaissance mapping
- Outcrop sampling
- Geological aspects (morphology, formations, stratigraphy, etc)
- Distribution of coal bearing formations
- Possible Transportation route survey
- Sample Analysis
- Quality Estimation
- Resource / Quantity Evaluation and Estimation
- Recommendation for next stage survey

Stage 2 - Exploration Stage - Semi Detail
- Geological Mapping
- Outcrop mapping
- Stratigraphic Drilling / Scout Drilling
- Geophysical logging
- Trenching / Test Pit
- Sample Analysis
- Quality Estimation (seam by seam)
- Resource / Quantity Evaluation and Estimation (indicated tonnages), seam by seam
- Recommendation for detailed drilling and resources / quality assessment program

Stage 3 - Exploration Stage - Detail
- Geological mapping (detailed)
- Topographic Mapping
- Hydrology
- Intensive Drilling (core and open hole chip, cropline)
- Geophysical Logging
- Sample Analysis
- Resources / Quantity Evaluation and Estimation (measured, indicated, inferred tonnages)
- Seam by seam Analysis (Quality & Quantity)
- Stripping ratio
- Preparation of final exploration report and recommendation for future work

Stage 4 - Feasibility Study Stage
- Mine Plan (assessment of proven and probable reserves tonnages, seam by seam, stripping ratio)
- Hauling Road Plan
- Bathymetric / Hydrographic / Sounding Survey for Jetty Construction
- Investment Plan
- Financing Plan
- Operational Costs Plan
- Marketing Plan
- Environmental Impact Analysis (AMDAL)

1. B Geological Survey for MINERALS
- Title Legalities for Concession
- Geological Consulting
- Geodetic Survey of Topographic, Mapping & Situation Survey
- Management of Exploration and Evaluation Programs
(drilling, sampling, analysis)
- Geotechnical & Mine Design Studies
- Geophysics

JORC Competent Report
Carsurin has the capability of preparing JORC (Joint Ore Reserves Committee) compliant program reports to determine coal and mineral resources / reserves and quality.