Palm oil, cocoa, coffee, wheat flour, etc
- Supervision of loading & discharging
- Sampling & eExpediting
- Pre-shipment inspection
- Tank cleanliness inspection
- Investigation survey for cargo losses
- Laboratory analysis

Cotton Controlling
- Weighing of Cotton Bales
- Taring of Cotton Bales
- Sampling of Cotton Bales
- Surveying/Inspection of Cotton Bales
- Sorting of Cotton Bales to nark
- Cotton Damage Survey
- Seal Breaking & Devanning
- Investigation survey for cargo losses
- Damaged surveys

Warehouse Management
- Supervision of receipt commodity quantitatively
- Commodity handling supervision
- Secure storage and commodity release for better inventory visibility
- Stock monitoring asset
- Stock verification asset

Food Inspection
Carsurin provides food inspection services to determine conformity of quality and quantity based on regulation and customer requirements.

Cargo type
- Fresh food
- Frozen food
- Canned food
- Food label & packaging

- During production (Dupro)/inline ins