Palm oil, cocoa, coffee, wheat flour, etc
Supervision of loading & discharging
Sampling & eExpediting
Pre-shipment inspection
Tank cleanliness inspection
Investigation survey for cargo losses
Laboratory analysis

Cotton Controlling
Weighing of Cotton Bales
Taring of Cotton Bales
Sampling of Cotton Bales
Surveying/Inspection of Cotton Bales
Sorting of Cotton Bales to nark
Cotton Damage Survey
Seal Breaking & Devanning
Investigation survey for cargo losses
Damaged surveys

Warehouse Management
Supervision of receipt commodity quantitatively
Commodity handling supervision
Secure storage and commodity release for better inventory visibility
Stock monitoring asset
Stock verification asset

Food Inspection
Carsurin provides food inspection services to determine conformity of quality and quantity based on regulation and customer requirements.

Cargo type
Fresh food
Frozen food
Canned food
Food label & packaging

During production (Dupro)/inline inspection
Pre-shipment inspection /Final Random Inspection (FRI)
Sampling service
Loading supervision